Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Confession

In 1986 July edition of Electronics For You (EFY), a single transistor AM/MW transmitter was published. That was the time I appeared my Matriculation Exam. Results were not published, So in the vacation time (Idle mind... hence Devils workshop) I made that transmitter. The receiver was my Father's Philips Radio from 1970(all transistor). That could give me a distance of 200m I guess.
It was really an EUREKA when I heard my Voice over the radio. My Father (A science freak like me, Better I inherited Him ... ) he also jumped up and stopped his resistance for my TX adventure.
After some days of "Hello, Is my voice OK" kind of experiment, I was bitten by the bug "Can I extend the distance?" I asked every one who knows radio repairing. Most of them said "if you connect a wire from the collector of transistor to your roof top with a big wire you may get extended range". I don't know what is antenna matching and how to connect the antenna to the collector. Some one suggested that use a 100pf capacitor at the collector and connect a long wire. Which I did but results were not impressive ... it just increased few more meters of distance coverage.
I kept my eyes open and tried to collect different circuits from different fellows. Most of them never worked. Till date I collect Toy transmitter and circuits of them.
Well This is a confession of having a Transmitter without any license, and my "Toy Pirate Station" back in 1986-1988.