Sunday, 3 December 2017

QRP Power

QRP Power.
Today I completed 200 QSOs. 200th contact is with VU3WBB.
With QRP Power of BITX-40, an inverted-V antenna and with computer SMPS power supply i completed 200 QSOs within a span of 11 months.

Longest distance QSO is East Timor Island (5800Km).
even one IOTA station is on my log book.

3 DX land contacted Indonesia, Malesia and Bangladesh.

other statistics:
Consistent communication( Signal report wise) with VU3MVH/VU2OWB ( Om Abhijit from Nadia, WB).
maximum number of QSOs with VU2NIL(Om Basant).


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

International Radio Fair and World Radio Day

Hello All...
For last few years Outreach International used to organize a radio fair. This year too they organized "International Radio Fair 2017" at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Besides other participants, Amateur Radio Society of Odisha(ARSO) participated in the fair too. 
Main Attractions:
The main attractions of this fair was HAM radio, vintage radio collection and radio related stamp collection.

International Radio Fair 2017 Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

The Sand Art for World Radio Day in the venue

Vintage Radio collection:
 Mr. Ghanasyam collected several radios Most of them are vintage tube radios. Though they are non functional but for a museum it is very nice to see radios from my Grand fathers time. Around 500 to 600 radios were on display.
Mr. Ghanashyam in his 80s now a radio lover, I would say Radio Crazy man.

Vintage Radio Stall from a distance.

Few Radios with close-ups

His collection includes several radios from Philips, Murphy, Bush and HMV to name a few...

Radio Philatelist:
The other attraction is Philatelist Mr. Ashok Kumar Tiwari. his collection includes Radio inventors/researcher, development of radio, broadcast history, Emergency Communication and HAM radio. A very nice and exhaustive collection.

Alexander Popov
J.C Bose

HAM radio related...
I could not put all the pictures of his collections, its huge...

Last but not the end... The HAM radio stalls.
In this category ARSO Bhubaneswar and ARCCS from Kolkata put up their stalls. Evan they have made a special call-sign for this Event(AT0IRF). In ARCCS stall, they have displayed and try to promote ON-AIR and how to reach out more people. On the other hand ARSO team focused on HAM radio Homebrew and Radio concepts.
VU2PQS(sitting) VU3XUS and VU2AOR

VU2PQS describing About HAM radio

VU2ABG from Surat came to meet ARSO team.
Concluding remarks:
Though it was a very nice initiative, participation should have been more. Though it is organized jointly by UNESCO no International participation seen. hope coming year these shortcomings are fulfilled.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Somuch of water flowed to ocean during my absence

First thing first....
Wish Everybody 
a Happy and Prosperous 
New Year ahead.
Well I was in a hibernation 😄😄😄
During this period I have setup my HAM Radio Station. Equipped with VHF(QYT KT 8900) And HF BITX 40m from VU2ESE Farhan. My antenna is a Inverted V for HF and 0db GP for VHF both are mounted on a 35 feet Bamboo mast.
As VHF is factory built till now it functions well. I have successfully communicated 30 Kilometer air distance on VHF(10Watts and 20 Watts). Further reach is possible but our club members are within this perimeter only.

BITX 40m as it is obtained from VU2ESE is good but only problem is on-board VFO, which drifts with time and while TXing. But I got 58 report from our club members within 30 kilometers. I was received by VU3SUY and VU2PLL but due to drifting VFO my calls were rejected 😀.

For your eyes thirst I am putting some pictures.

UnBoxing QYT KT 8900
BITX and QYT KT 8900 stacked.
My Antenna mast.
The VHF setup is courtesy VU2BPJ. I am very much thankful to him.
The HF setup is assembled and Tested by VU2AOR. I Express my gratitude for his help and advice.
The final boxing is done by my Electronics Guru BUDHANA( SWL Tushar Kanti Mishra).

I also express my sincere thanks toVU2AOR,VU2BPJ, VU2PQS,VU2FRD, VU2DKD and VU2CSF for coordinating testing of my setup.

First of all I beg apology for not posting the Compiler Blog in time.
The project is semi complete and working in a minimal sense. I will post the code in a future blog shortly.